Five Weeks After Surgery

I’m almost there!  Lots of positive change since Week 4.

The dead skin layer from the scars below the main scar finally came off.  I admit, it may have gotten a little assistance from me.   It’s all good underneath and on Sunday I finally went swimming!!! I  just floated and kicked around.  After the swim, I noticed a lot more flexibility in my chest area.

Yesterday I went back to the pool, this time I rode my bike.  First time on my bike too.  I went really slow on the lowest gear and was fine.  Tomorrow morning I’m subbing a Stretch and Strengthen class.  They know me well and I talk through the routine, so I’m not worried, as I can’t still do a lot of the moves I teach.  I am however doing some core exercises.  The bridge, side plank (for a only 20 seconds), wall front plank, squats and lunges.

Today my family doctor called and told me my iron levels are improving, so continue what I’m doing.  On thing I’ve noticed is that my hair is extra dry lately.  It was always dry at the tips from all the swimming I do but not this dry and I wonder if that has anything to do with surgery.

Chest area is still somewhat tender but sometimes I lay on my front, but not for long.   I can now take deep breaths without discomfort which means there’s no more water in my lungs.

I’m heading out of town (and offline) from Friday for the long weekend.  I think my last day of diet sharing will be tomorrow.  I’ll continue with the updates and any relevant information about my healing.  Keep checking in!


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