Six Weeks after Surgery

I’ve made it!  6 weeks is what all the medical peeps told me would be the recovery date.  To tell you the truth, I felt ready at 5 weeks.  Either way, 6 weeks is finally here and I’m feeling myself again!  Yes, there’s still a little bit of tenderness in the chest area.  It’s livable and apparently can take up to 3 months to disappear.  There’s also a bump at the top of my chest wound which I don’t like.  I’ve heard that will also come down in 3 months.

I’m suppose to meet with my cardiologist at 6 weeks but couldn’t get an appointment until July 13th.  I’ll update this blog to let you know how the appointment goes.

My facial skin colour is back.  I don’t know if I mentioned, I was quite pale from the blood loss and it took about 4 weeks for the ghost look to go away.

I’m now able to do front crawl in the water.  It still hurts a bit but I have the flexibility to do the full stroke…slowly.  I’m listening to my body and will start going fast as soon as it feels right.

I’m doing modified Pilates and it feels good.  I’ll make it more challenging as it feels right to do.

I’m cycling again!  My first ride was just a km and it wasn’t easy.  The next rides just got easier and easier.  Now I’m cycling everywhere again.

I went back to work.  Just about every person who knows about my surgery has told me the exact same thing when they see me: “Wow, you don’t look like someone who has just been through open heart surgery.”  I know my clean diet, the adequate rest, listening to my body, walking and the fact that I was fit and healthy before surgery had a lot to do with how quick I recovered.  I believe the key reason I recovered so fast was that I told myself I would.  I set a goal.  I remained focused, not once eating outside my diet or forgetting to take my naturopathic medicine.  In my head, I wanted it, and my body followed.

This mindful goal setting can be applied to anything.  If you require assistance, my company Whole Self Fitness is happy to help you there.

The picture is me at 6 weeks.  I went camping and did all the fun things I used to do.  Life is just getting started again.  I can’t wait to share my new goals after my cardiologist gives me the okay.  Stay tuned.


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