Seven Weeks after Surgery

I wasn’t planning to update this blog until Friday but so much positive change has happened that I feel the need to share.

I’m back to work full-time (as full-time as self-employed usually is in the summer) and I really feel a difference in my energy levels.  I’m cycling and swimming harder and longer now…because I can.  In the past, I’d swim for 20 minutes and it would go like this: First minute, no problem.  Minute 2-12, a bit of a struggle.  Minute 13-19, less of a struggle.  Last minute was a relief to be finished.  Now I swim for 30 minutes feeling a larger cardiovascular endurance capacity.  I could go on but I’m waiting for the okay from my doctor, then I can start adding more fun like other strokes and higher intensity intervals.

I notice how much easier it is to bicycle.  I always thought cycling was fairly easy on my heart but never noticed until now how much easier it is! Toronto’s is so flat now!

It’s amazing how I learned to live with only being able to bring my heart rate up to 120 bpm and having to go lightly at every sport I participated.  I thought I felt fine.  I never felt light-headed, never fainted nor ever felt total exhaustion.  Now I know how good it feels. It feels great to be working out without worrying about cardiac arrest.  This discovery makes me think of a client/friend who smokes 2 packs of cigarettes a day. When I first started doing Personal Training and Lifestyle Coaching I took him with me go out of the city for a 3 days to detox from cigarettes.  After the first two days of withdrawal pains, he was feeling good again. He paid for me to keep him active and feeding him healthy food.  The only sad part of his story was he began smoking the second I dropped him off back in the city.  He paid me for the coaching I provided him and told me, “even though I started smoking again, the weekend without cigarettes was a reminder as how good it feels to quit.”  He’s not a prime example of my positive client outcomes but he still remembers that feeling.  If only he could use that feeling to quit for real.

Other positive changes, the pain in my chest is feeling less and less tender.  Without noticing, I pulled a 50lb wagon yesterday.  I could do it but then someone yelled at me (after I had finished) and said I could get a hernia (opening of the incision from the inside!).  This worried me.  I have taken a break from certain Pilates moves until I see my cardiologist on Friday.

Life is good and hopefully after the 13th will keep going in that direction!


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