8 Weeks after Surgery

Life is back to normal.  Business is doing well and lots of opportunities keep floating my way.

My energy levels are great.  My cardiovascular capacity is so large that I feel like I’m not getting a workout because I barely get tired!  I go longer and possibly harder but never feel out of breath.  As soon as the weather cools down, I’m going to start training for the CN Tower stair climb.  Even if I unable to go to the climb, my goal is to do the Casa Loma stairs 17 times in a row.  (the equivalent of the CN tower)

The tenderness in my chest region has subsided. I can sleep on my stomach.  It’s not painful but I can still feel it’s healing.  There’s still inflammation, a bump that most people don’t notice until I point it out.

I re-watched the video from my time in the hospital.  It feels like a lifetime ago.  Now, I don’t even feel like I’ve gone through some major surgery.  I’m constantly reminded every time I see a fitness class participant or neighbour telling me how amazed they are that I’m looking so good.  I don’t feel the same way about this experience as the people around me.  Not that I want to ever go through that again but it’s over and I am enjoying my new better functioning heart.  I’ve moved on from the experience and unless some significant changes happens beyond now, I’ll update this blog.

I continue to update the Whole Self Fitness website: http://www.wholeself.ca/blog.



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