Two Years After Open Heart Surgery

It’s been two years since my heart surgery and about that long since I last updated this blog.  Every day this blog gets many visits and I know it’s helped put people at ease before and after their heart surgery.

I don’t regret getting the myectomy for a thickened heart muscle.  I feel strong, healthy, and recognize how much easier life is when you’ve got enough oxygen!

The first year after surgery was spent getting used to my new body; working out harder and having more energy to be better at my career in fitness.  I also needed a year to get used to my scar. I was shy about my scar, in the showers at the gym but now I’m used to it. It’s no longer this strange part of my body. It is a part of my body.

I gained five pounds right after surgery that I never lost.  It’s strange how sudden the weight gain was, especially with all the exercise I was doing, and my healthier diet.  My doctor thinks that my body needs fewer calories since it’s not working so hard to compensate for the lack of oxygen.  I’m still at a very healthy weight, but it’s a fact I thought was a bit strange.

Surgery and the trauma from it have faded from my memory. I only remember how kind people were to me and what a great family and community of friends I have.

I’m now in a long-term relationship with an athlete.  It’s nice to have the ability to enjoy the seasonal sports together, like skating and skiing in the winter and running and lake swimming in the summer.  I did all these activities before surgery, but there was always an awareness that I was doing something risky. Now it’s pure fun!

I continue to help people on their healthy journeys through fitness and wellness.  The key to health and recovery from surgery is to eat well, and care for your body.  Strengthening muscles takes a lot longer than increasing your endurance. Be aware of that when you have the desire to go for a run/sprint, the muscles need to be strengthened.  Have fun with your renewed body (after it’s recovered) but ease into it.  If you need help to put together a customized fitness program, my business, Whole Self Fitness is an email/phone call away.

Today, May 23rd 2014, my healed scar.

Today, May 23rd 2014, my healed scar.

Head to head with my partner (cut out for privacy), celebrating almost a year together in Peterbrough. ON.

Head to head with my partner (cut out for privacy), celebrating almost a year together in Peterbrough. ON on Victoria Day weekend, 2014.

Skiing in Gatineau Christmas Day 2013. with my partner's brother, cousin. My partner the pro-skiier is way ahead of us to take picture.

Skiing in Gatineau, Christmas Day 2013 with my partner’s brother amd cousin (pro-skiers). My partner, also a pro-skier, ahead of us at the finish to take this picture.


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