Diet Day 32

This will be the last day of my diet sharing.  As I start to do more exercise at a higher intensity, my calorie intake will reflect that.  I’m going camping for the long weekend tomorrow.  I’ll keep updating this blog about my healing journey and life with a mended heart.  Stay tuned for more!


Before I went into surgery I bought a bunch of key foods to help in the healing process.  Although my regular diet is quite clean, this diet is extra clean with a few extras I wouldn’t normally include.  I plan to document this process as I heal.

Breakfast: Homemade energy bars:

Lunch: Avocado/Sweet potato/lemon/cilantro dip on raw crackers (flax seeds/sesame seeds/carrots). Peanuts

Snack: Strawberries

Dinner: Garden greens, red pepper, avocado, shrimps, cilantro and nutritional yeast (mustard, garlic, oil, lemon dressing)

Dessert: Chocolate nut/fruit/millet puff cluster

Snack: Mango and Watermelon