Last Post before Surgery

Wow, I don’t think I’ve had so much response to a group email before.  I promise to respond to each and every one of you as soon as I’m out of the hospital and able.  I will not be bringing my laptop to the hospital.  You could try calling/texting but no guarantees of a quick reply.  For now, know that all your emails make me feel like the luckiest gal and I look forward to seeing more of all of you when I’m better.

Many of you asked about visiting while I’m at the hospital.  Since I’ve never stayed in a hospital, I don’t really know the procedures.  I also don’t know if I’ll be up for visitors or what state I’ll be in. I probably won’t look (or smell) my best!  Best to call my cell after Thursday to find out how I’m doing.  Facebook friends can check my wall, my sister will post as soon as my parents find out I’m out of ICU.

For now, (unless the surgery gets switched…something that happens often enough) I’ll be under from 7am May 23rd and if all goes well, out of ICU by 3pm that day.  They say I will be at the Toronto General hospital for 5-7 days.

If you’re interested in reading more about open heart surgery, my friend Tilda Shalof wrote her experience going through it (though her condition was different from mine).  Her book is called, “Opening My Heart.” I found it covered every thought and question I’ve ever had about the surgery and hospitals in general.  She’s a nurse at the hospital I’ll be at and this adds even more detail than any other story about open heart surgery.  It’s also easy to read, even if you don’t have a grasp on the medical terminology.  As entertaining as a book about open heart surgery can be, compliments to the author!